Henry Kielmanowicz create sculptures from man made objects that contain waste from modern society, specifically glass bottles. This waste is transformed in a labor-intensive process by breaking, crushing and separating the glass into multiple sizes creating a new raw material. Not only is he reusing waste from society, he is also incorporating the waste produced from within the studio. By recycling these materials into art, Henry is claiming that his creations are  “sustainable”.

The sculptures are created in the laboratory. This is where the biomorphic creatures are spawned. The autonomous experiments are fueled by the fire of industrial waste. This laboratory investigates negative impacts of industrialization on the environment. This space of study is a backdrop that becomes part of the work. Ordinary objects, parts and pieces, works in progress become a part of the dialogue. The lines are blurred questioning what is and isn't  art.

The sculptures investigate mutant formations of flora and fauna that are inspired by wastelands near and far. Walk into the toxic candyland.

All the work is fabricated by using impulsive actions documenting the moment. The works produce thought and inquiry into what materials were utilized and how the future of industrialization may become self sustainable.




Handmade in the USA.

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Celebrate Art in the Park, 5/31 5-9pm  In Lower East Side at the First Street Green Park  On Houston St Between 1st and 2nd Ave.



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